I met the Oola Guys a couple of years ago at a company convention.  They were in the Expo area, where all day long they were busy sharing their message, their book, Oola, Find Balance in an Unbalanced World, and snapping crazy pictures with their fans.  I didn’t know what exactly their message was, I had never read their book and I was not a fan.  However, I was curious and wanted in on the fun.  So, despite their resistance, I convinced a couple of my friends to stand in the line for a picture.


It was at the end of a long day and these guys had been working their booth the entire day.  I expected them to be tired, bored of meeting people that they would never remember, slightly annoyed at our antics, and in a hurry to be done.  But they weren’t.  They were genuine, funny and friendly.  They even took a couple of pictures because the first one didn’t turn out great.  It was a good laugh, and we all walked off without their book.  I still wasn’t sure what their message was about, but they left an impression on me.

The next day, I was planning on going to a certain break-out session at the convention I was attending, but when I got to the door, the class was full.  Disappointed, I moved on to my second choice and found it full as well.  The same thing happened with my third choice.  I didn’t even have a fourth choice, so I ended up sitting in a presentation by none other than the Oola Guys.

As I sat in that seminar, a light began to dawn.  I was (and still am) a busy Mom, working a full-time, night-shift job, homeschooling my kids, and working to get a home business off the ground.  My big goals seemed to be taking me further and further away from my reason for the goals – my children and my husband!  I was tired, frustrated and didn’t have a clue what to do about it.  But as I listened to the inspiring message, I began to see a way out of my frustration.

What is Oola?

So what is the Oola message?  What is Oola?  Oola is a state of awesomeness when your life is balanced and growing in the 7 key areas, known as the 7 Fs – fitness, finance, family, field, faith, friends, and fun. This is based on the premise that you are built for awesome.  You were made to live a “dream lifestyle of simplicity, tranquility, abundance, and opportunity.”  And this is done by finding and living your unique Oola life.  Sound good?  To me, sitting in that seat a couple of years ago, it sounded like heaven.

Even as they spoke, I began to examine my 7 key areas in life.  My fitness sucked.  I never exercised.  My finances were horrible.  In fact, my finances were the main reason that I was working on this home based business.  My family was suffering because of my long hours.  I hated my career and was constantly stressed by it.  As for friends and fun, they were at the bottom of my list.

I began to realize that my frustration was rooted in the fact that my life was completely unbalanced.  What good is a successful home-based business if everything else in my life was destroyed in its’ wake?  In the seminar that day, I committed to myself that I would work towards achieving a more balanced lifestyle.  I bought their book and began to follow the simple steps outlined in it.  Learning where I was starting, where I wanted to go, and how I planned on getting there.

Creating an Oola Life

It didn’t happen at once.  Creating an Oola life takes time and effort!  But as I look back to where I began, I feel a sense of accomplishment.  I have learned to practice gratitude instead of anger.  My focus changed to loving well from feeling guilty.  I became disciplined with my time management instead of lazy.  Now, our homeschool time has become something I look forward to every day.  My relationship with my husband, which was becoming strained under the pressure, is now a source of comfort and inspiration to me.  I changed jobs and my home business is growing.  My life is not perfect, but it’s closer to balanced now than it was a couple of years ago!


Oola:  Find Balance in an Unbalanced World for Women

Are you a Mom who needs a little balance in her life?  The Oola Guys have written a book just for us Moms:  Oola:  Find Balance in an Unbalance World for Women!  It’s scheduled to be release on May 2, 2017 and will be available at Barnes and Noble and on Amazon (for 40% off right now!).

This book follows a similar format as the first Oola book, but is written especially for women.  It includes stories that from many different women, who’s struggles and triumphs you will identify with. It’s kinda nice to know that you are not alone.

Finding Balance in the Homeschool Life

Do you struggle with balance?  Balance in your life, balance in your relationships, balance in your health and fitness?  How about in your career?  Your finances?  Your faith?  Even your time off?

I struggle with this.  Maybe it is because of my personality…  I tend to be all or nothing in many areas of my life.  Black or white.  Hot or cold.  Yes or no.  It is  very easy for me to get distracted from all areas of my life when one area catches my attention.  Kind of like the dog from the movie “Up.”


Finding Balance in the Homeschool Life

When I get excited about something, it tends to become my entire focus.  It could be a new hobby, an old hobby, a household project, a book, learning about a new health trend, researching a new homeschool curriculum…  whatever it is, if allowed it would very easily consume my mind, my passion and my time.

Finding Balance in the Homeschool Life

Finding Balance in the Homeschool Life

If I was not constantly aware of this tendency – if I allowed myself, I would probably completely neglect my family, friends, work and play until my curiosity was exhausted, my brain was full and I had burned through my passion, leaving no further interest.

I recently found myself doing this very thing.  During the past year, I joined a health and wellness company called Young Living Essential Oils.  The products were completely new to me – I had never even heard of essential oils, so I began to study and research.  The more I learned, the more excited and passionate I became.

Finding Balance in the Homeschool Life

Finding Balance in the Homeschool Life

The more excited and passionate I became, the less time I spent with my husband and children.  I was struggling because I knew that if I was to succeed in this business, I needed to put in some hard work.  I needed to set aside some time that I could be spending with my family, in order to put some laser focus on my new business.  On the other hand, I knew all the areas besides my work were suffering from my lack of attention.  I began to feel stressed and guilty.

But then I came to a realization.

Have you ever noticed that we get so caught up believing in what we are told by society, that we don’t listen to our own quiet, internal voice?

Finding Balance in the Homeschool Life

Finding Balance in the Homeschool Life

The widely accepted concept of balance is that we need to balance each day, equally dividing our time between each area in our lives.  Now think how stressful and ridiculous that is.  This would mean in one day I would have the chance to get all of my work finished, spend plenty of quality time with my children, plenty of quality time with my husband, visit with friends, develop my own hobbies, interests and faith, maintaining a balance budget, managing the home AND enjoying some downtime or fun.

Why do we feel guilty when we do not achieve this all in one day?!

What if the entire concept of balance is meant to be divided over YEARS and not ONE DAY?  Would that make more sense???

Finding Balance in the Homeschool Life

Even the Bible tells us in Ecclesiastes 3:1  “To every thing there is a season, and a time to every purpose under the heaven.”  Doesn’t it make so much more sense that for a season, I am to work hard on my business?  We naturally do this when a baby is born – we drop everything else to focus on that newborn baby.  Or on Sunday, we stop our work and attend church.  We naturally set aside a “season” for each activity – but not all in one day.  It may be an hour that is set aside, it may be a year.

Or maybe just a week to take a glorious vacation with your family.

Finding Balance in the Homeschool Life

Finding Balance in the Homeschool Life

Just a few days – a season – to enjoy some quiet serenity, good food and great company.  So, now without guilt, my soul is refreshed, my family is happy, my life is balanced.

Now back to work…  :)