Paddle-to-the-Sea Unit Study Chapter 4-5

Our Paddle-to-the-Sea unit study (Chapters 4-5) continues.  Clark and Luci are completely engrossed in this book, as we explore all of the details and subjects that each chapter introduces. Chapter 4:  Brook and Beaver Pond In Chapter 4, Paddle gets temporarily stuck in a beaver pond, before breaking free in a flood.  We decided to […]

Paddle-to-the-Sea Unit Study Chapters 1-3

I clearly remember, over 30 years ago, sitting in my elementary class, listening to the teacher read the book, Paddle-to-the-Sea by Holling Clancy Holling. Her enthusiasm for the story was directly conveyed to us, her students, as we listen enraptured by the story of small canoe carved by an young boy, drifting through the Great Lakes out […]

Our Front Row Seat to a Bald Eagle Family

We have been fascinated for the past several weeks as we’ve taken our front row seat to a bald eagle family from Hanover, Pennsylvania.  We’ve watched them build their nest in preparation for their new family.  This is our second year watching this family and we are in love! The Pennsylvania Game Commission has partnered […]

We’ve been learning about dinosaurs for the past couple of weeks.  In doing so, we went on a field trip to visit a local nature preserve that had a display of animatronic, life-sized dinosaurs.  Needless to say this display completely captivated the imagination of my children and we’ve been discussing these animals ever since! How cool […]

FIAR:  Mike Mulligan and his Steam Shovel

We have been reading Mike Mulligan and his Steam Shovel, as part of our Five in a Row (FIAR), Volume 1 curriculum.  This is a classic children’s book, written in 1939.  It is about a man who takes his well-loved steam shovel, Mary Anne, on an adventure to show that they are just as good – […]

Activities to Celebrate President's Day

There is one thing I’ve learned from homeschooling:  If you don’t make holidays and celebrations into a really big deal, then your kids are going to miss out.  This is especially true in my case.  I am a Canadian, transplanted into the United States.  I was actually a little surprised to learn that I had […]