Unique and Creative Christmas Gifts for Homeschoolers

I know it’s cheating, but I will often delay buying homeschool supplies and other necessities when I know that Christmas is just around the corner. Markers and paints, and paper, and glue make the best stocking stuffers! This year, however, we are already well-stocked with the usual art supplies and educational games, so I went on the […]

Five in a Row Harold and the Purple Crayon

We love Five in a Row: Harold and the Purple Crayon!  This book is an absolute creative delight – and in this house, we love anything creative!  It is the story of a cute little, bald-headed baby boy who, instead of going to sleep, decides to go for a walk in the moonlight.  Little Harold creates his […]

A Treasury of Virtual Field Trips

I LOVE TRAVELLING!!! An open road.  A history I know nothing about.  Colors and culture.  People and places.  Cobble-stoned streets and sand on the beach.  A new mountain to climb.  A view I have never seen.  Breathing air that actually smells different.  Oh, how I love to travel! When I was young and single, without a care […]

Our Top 10 Favorite and FREE Kindle Apps for Homeschooling

CONFESSION TIME!!! Clark and Luci love technology.  One way I try to achieve moderation in technology, is to offer the Kindle during the homeschool day so that it’s not considered a “treat.”  I use it to change the focus or redirect when a change is needed.  Really, technology is just another tool to use in our homeschool and today, […]

Solar System Roundup

We’ve been reading Harold and the Purple Crayon.  In the beginning of the book Harold draws a crescent moon to light up the night as he goes for a walk.  This began our interest in the moon, which has led to an interest in the solar system.  This is how rabbit trails happen in this […]