Paddle-to-the-Sea Unit Study Chapter 4-5

Our Paddle-to-the-Sea unit study (Chapters 4-5) continues.  Clark and Luci are completely engrossed in this book, as we explore all of the details and subjects that each chapter introduces. Chapter 4:  Brook and Beaver Pond In Chapter 4, Paddle gets temporarily stuck in a beaver pond, before breaking free in a flood.  We decided to […]

How to Use a Personality Test to Make Homeschooling a Breeze

I don’t know what rock I’ve had my head buried under, but I’ve just recently discovered the power of personality tests and I wanted to share with you how to use a personality test to make homeschooling a breeze. We have some strong personalities in our home, starting with my husband and I, so it’s […]

Paddle-to-the-Sea Unit Study Chapters 1-3

I clearly remember, over 30 years ago, sitting in my elementary class, listening to the teacher read the book, Paddle-to-the-Sea by Holling Clancy Holling. Her enthusiasm for the story was directly conveyed to us, her students, as we listen enraptured by the story of small canoe carved by an young boy, drifting through the Great Lakes out […]

Five in a Row: The Glorious Flight

After some time off from Five in a Row, we are back, studying The Glorious Flight by Alice and Martin Provensen.  I chose this book because Clark has been asking some very specific questions recently about airplanes and how they fly.  So I thought this would provide a great opportunity to take him in the […]

M is for Mermaid

Yup.  It’s finally here!  Clark and Luci are SOOOOOO excited! DO YOU KNOW HOW LONG THESE KIDS HAVE BEEN WAITING FOR THE LETTER M??? From the very beginning of our series, Clark and Luci have been anxiously waiting for the letter M to come around so that we could do M is for Mermaid.  I […]

K is for Kite

We’ve been going through these letters of the alphabet so slowly that they have no co-relation to where we are in our homeschool studies.  My original plan was to do one a week with Luci as we studied the alphabet, but that’s not how things happened.  Today we are working on “K is for Kite.” […]