How to Use a Personality Test to Make Homeschooling a Breeze

I don’t know what rock I’ve had my head buried under, but I’ve just recently discovered the power of personality tests and I wanted to share with you how to use a personality test to make homeschooling a breeze. We have some strong personalities in our home, starting with my husband and I, so it’s […]

The Halloween Aftermath

I know that I cannot be the only Mom that worries and stews about what to do in the Halloween aftermath.  As we’ve become much more aware of what we are eating and feeding our children, the thought of them downing buckets of candy on Halloween night absolutely horrifies me. My children are normally healthy and […]

Our Visit to Utah's Zion National Park

We are incredibly fortunate to live in a country full of beauty.  We live in a country where any road trip can lead to the discovery of undeniable beauty and awe-inspiring views.  This summer, we drove to Salt Lake City, Utah for my company’s annual Convention.  Never one to miss out on a travel opportunity, I planned […]

Like every Mother in the world, my greatest fear is harm coming to my children.  This fear is often over situations that we cannot control.  Over the past few years, however, my understanding of “harm” has evolved.  Harm is not always a catastrophic event.  Harm can be caused by many smaller things, such as a […]

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