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Of all the people who scorned homeschooling, I’ll bet I was truly the greatest.  It made no sense to me;  I could not understand the choice.  I mean, I went to public school and turned out alright, right?!

The truth is, I knew nothing about homeschooling.  Isn’t it crazy how you can have such strong opinions about something you know nothing about?!  Yeah…  that was me.  Thankfully, through a few life lessons, some great examples, wise advice and a lot of research, we decided to homeschool our children before ever having to put them in public school.

We started homeschooling in the summer of 2014.  At the same time, we were so blessed to be placed on a path that took me by surprise.  We were introduced to essential oils and as I learned about the oils, a fire was lit inside of me.  I did an intense amount of reading and research that has led to a massive shift in my thinking.  Together with my family, we have completely changed our lifestyle.  We are now on a journey to radiant health by eliminating chemicals from our home and taking a natural, healthy approach to all aspects of our health.  It’s a learning process, but the important thing is that we are on the path!

Come and learn with us!  I blog about our homeschooling activities, we share our little projects and how we are working with our chosen curriculum.  I also blog about things I’ve learning in my quest to provide a chemical-free home for my family.  I hope it can all be of help to others.

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