Solar System Roundup

We’ve been reading Harold and the Purple Crayon.  In the beginning of the book Harold draws a crescent moon to light up the night as he goes for a walk.  This began our interest in the moon, which has led to an interest in the solar system.  This is how rabbit trails happen in this curriculum, and I love it.  As the children show an interest in a subject, we explore it, learning as we go.

So far we’ve learned about the phases of the moon, which I blogged about HERE.

Solar System Roundup

As I searched for information and ideas, I thought I would keep track of them here.  There are a TON of them!  They can also be found on Pinterest.  I hope this can also be a great resource for anyone else looking for inspiration on this subject!

Top 50 Ideas to Help Learn About the Solar System

  1. The Planet Song:  Kind of annoying, but it helps remember the names and characteristics of the planets
  2. Solar System Cake:  I like to incorporate our studies into our daily life but this might be a bit much
  3. Rocket Ship Craft:  Not in English, but plenty of picture to walk you through it
  4. Printable Solar System Mini Book:  Pictures of the planets to color
  5. Space Party:  Awesome ideas for a space-themed birthday party
  6. Planet Coloring Pages:  Nice set, one planet per page with a description
  7. Sizes of the Planets to Scale:  Good visual
  8. Bubble Guppies Solar System Mobile:  Gotta love the Bubble Guppies and their cute little mobile!
  9. Paint Spatter Solar System Painting:  Looks like fun for the kids (and me!)
  10. My Book of Space Words Printable Book:  Super simple and basic
  11. Solar System Unit Plan for Young Learners:  Organized, but not very exciting
  12. Solar System Mobile from Pottery Barn:  Nice idea.  I won’t be paying $49 for it, though!
  13. Write in the Missing Letter Worksheet:  Super simple, space-themed
  14. Solar System Cookie:  Cute idea, maybe as a pancake?
  15. Tinfoil Moon:  Nice effect
  16. Astronaut Printables:  From Homeschool Creations
  17. Solar System Preschool Pack:  From 1+1+1=1
  18. Watercolor Planet Printables:  These are so pretty that you could print and frame them!
  19. Planet Cake:  It’s a circle with several layers – pretty cool!
  20. Moon Craft:  A crafty way to show the surface of the moon
  21. Solar System Cupcakes:  Hello!
  22. Solar System Mobile:  From Martha Stewart
  23. Stretchy Night Sky Playdough:  Looks like a mess of fun!
  24. Rocket Ship Trip Through the Solar System:  Video
  25. Coffee Filter Planet:  Simple for the young ones
  26. Doodle on the Moon:  With rocket crayons
  27. Space Pack:  From 3 Dinosaurs
  28. Fruity Solar System:  A fun way to incorporate the solar system into a snack
  29. Solar System Learning Activities:  From Enchanted Learning
  30. Solar System Math Facts:  Making math fun is a big deal!
  31. Hands-On Solar System for Preschoolers:  Craft with foam stuck to windows – my kids will love it!
  32. Solar System Projects:  Made by 3rd graders and pretty impressive!
  33. Coloring Pages of the Planets:  Simple design
  34. Solar System Worksheets:  I can’t believe people are so amazing to share this stuff!
  35. Solar System Model Cut Out:  Color, cut and paste
  36. Sensational Space:  Some creative ideas from a classroom setting
  37. To the Moon Boardgame
  38. Star Child:  A learning center for young astronomers
  39. A Solar System Unit Study:  Homeschoolers with some fun ideas
  40. The Earth’s Orbit Misconception:  Cut out to illustrate how the Earth orbits the Sun
  41. Solar System Facts for Kids:  Printable
  42. Space Mazes:  Not too hard for young kids
  43. Solar System Handwriting Sheet:  Great for copywork
  44. Solar System Coloring Pages:  These are of the whole solar system
  45. Phases of the Moon Experiment
  46. Galaxy Game:  A board game
  47. Names of the Planets:  A printable to help identify the planets
  48. Out of This World Solar System:  Project with styrofoam balls and paint
  49. Space Playdough Mats:  Fun idea!
  50.  Planet Flip Book:  Excellent step-by-step instructions