Every once in a while you stumble upon this incredible idea, which is so great in it’s simplicity that you seriously wonder why you never thought of it yourself.  This is one of those ideas.  It’s not mine.  I came across it while spending my time wisely on Pinterest.

If you have kids, I know you’ve had this happen.  The kids want to play with bubbles, so you send them outside to play.  I would usually set the bubble container on a table or on the pavement and tell the kids to be careful not to spill it.  Like clockwork, not 30 seconds later, I hear the wailing, indicating spilled bubbles.  You can’t get mad because you knew it was going to happen.  Now, I know those containers are less than a dollar – or you can even make your own bubbles – but still the waste is so annoying!

So here’s the brilliant solution:  tape the container to a pole.  I taped it to our gazebo.  I love this!  No crying, no tears, just playing with bubbles!

Oh – and I’m just noticing now that Luci’s flip-flops are on the wrong feet, which is hilarious to me.  She insists on doing everything herself right now, especially getting dressed.  Now go enjoy the bubbles, or drink them as Luci seems to be doing!  (She really isn’t, I swear.  We ate breakfast.)

Just remember – the smaller sizes are easier to tape!  So buy the big refill containers to save money!